How did they go without HVAC

In this modern world, the lot of us are spoiled when it comes to the many wonderful luxuries the many of us have access to every single afternoon.  In this country, anyways, it’s totally standard to live in complete comfort all the time. There’s no worry about staying warm or dry at night, or cool and comfortable during the day.  For me, I can take a shower any time that I want if I’m too dirty or cold, I can cook whenever & whatever I want if I get a hankering for something, & I can keep our homes control device temperature perfectly tuned to what ever temperature I desire at that point in time.  At this age, I can’t even imagine not being able to walk on over to the control device on the wall if I was too tepid & turning on the cooling system with the flip of a switch. I can’t comprehend lacking the ability to turn on the heat if it was too cold. Many years ago they didn’t have any of those options.  All they had was fire and nature’s natural cooling systems to help them stay as comfortable as humanly possible no matter the outdoor temperature. For example, many people would build their housing structures in heavily wooded areas just in order to keep cool in the summer season & to try and shield themselves of the elements in the Wintertime.  I am no fan of the woods, bugs, or dirt. So I know I wouldn’t last in those conditions. Thank god we have real furnaces and Ac units at this point. I take full advantage of our weather conditions control every single afternoon!

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