How cleaning the HVAC saves energy

Did you know that cleaning your HVAC is one of the most energy efficient things you can do? If you want to save energy and lower your bills, then adjusting the thermostat does help. Do not use your heating and cooling as much. Also turn off the HVAC when you are not home. Close the curtains in summer to stop the AC being needed. In the winter seal your home so no cold air leaks in and affects your furnace. But what if you have done all of that already? Another energy saving tip is to clean your HVAC. To have energy efficient HVAC, it needs to be in peak condition. That means the HVAC must be squeaky clean. The air conditioner can get dirty in lots of places. Dust builds up in the air filter and hinders the cooling process. Mold on the cooling coil affects your indoor air quality. Algae grows in the condensate drain and floods the whole AC system. Cleaning those elements allows the air conditioner’s air to flow faster and more easily. The heater has a furnace filter that gets dust in it. If left the dust will cause the furnace to overheat and break down. The blower on the furnace should be oiled and there is a fan motor belt that needs lubrication. Adding those things allows the heater to work better. When the HVAC works at its best, then you see lower bills every month. Really all you need to do is a basic cleaning once a month for your HVAC equipment.