Hot dog house without A/C

My first job was working in a hot dog house. It was a small building, no bigger than 500 square feet. We had 20 different types of bratwursts and hot dogs. Every coney was named after a famous landmark. We had the Philadelphia Liberty Bell, which as a beer bratwurst on a onion bun with cheese steak, onions, peppers, and cheese whiz. We also had a Mile High Denver Double, which consisted of two all beef hot dogs on a brioche bun with pulled pork, coleslaw, and raw jalapenos. These were two of of our most ordered sandwiches. I worked at the hot dog place for two summers, before leaving to attend college. During the second summer, our kitchen A/C unit stopped working. It was the middle of July, and it was about ninety degrees outside every day. I came to work at ten in the morning, and it was already 86 degrees in the kitchen. The A/C unit wasn’t putting out any cool air. I talked to my manager, but he didn’t want to fix the A/C until he could contact the owner of the hot dog house.  It took three days before the owner contacted our manager to give him approval for the A/C repair. I was tasked with finding the cheapest A/C repair company in town. Luckily, I worked out a great deal with a local HVAC corporation. We traded the A/C repair service, for a catered lunch for the crew of the A/C repair service. My boss was happy with the trade, and we got our A/C unit fixed promptly.

a/c set up