Hoping to set up the air quality device

I did some reading online about air quality for the home! If you ever want to freak yourself out, read what could be in your everyday indoor air quality. Basically, the inside of your new home is toxic to your health, but even with pollution, as well as exhaust fumes, it is better to breathe in the outdoor air first. The indoor air quality is dusty, polluted, while quite harmful to your health! After reading about how sick I can get off my air today, I wanted an air quality product to wipe it down. I want an air purification plan for my home. I read online that a media air cleaner can even be installed right with your heating and cooling unit. Basically you turn on the Heating, Ventilation and A/C, the media air cleaner cleans the air, while you have access to superior temperature controlled air quality. Sounds love an easy fix. The only problem is that I don’t assume what to do next! Do I just order an media air cleaner online? Is it possible to order an air cleaner that won’t install with the Heating, Ventilation and A/C equipment? Also I have read about UV lights with the media air cleaner. The UV lights wipe the air before you breathe it in, but how does that happen for a system? Is it more currency for UV lights with the air cleaner than another? I assume I am now way out of my element, I assume I need a Heating, Ventilation and A/C worker to tell me what to do. I assume easily I will get charged for their advice though. I already will need to buy a media air cleaner that functions well for my home. I don’t want to spend currency asking what to buy or how to install it.

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