Hooking up my HVAC technology

OK, I have to admit, I’m a closeted geek.  I enjoy toys, despite the fact that I don’t regularly understand them altogether.  Say, for instance, the temperature control unit on the wall in our residing room that controls the air conditioning equipment.  I can easily set the temperature using the temperature control unit on the wall, or I can set or change the temperature from the convenience of my cell phone.  How and when I set the temperature control is completely up to me. It never was like that before, but it is now, since with genuinely little work, I was able to connect the new smart control unit to the existing wires from the older, conventional control unit that has been a functioning part of this Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment since our property was originally built.  My property was built in 1998, and yet, those older wires hooked right up to the base of our current temperature control unit which is convenient. Now, with the aid of our current smart cellphone app, I am able to tell our current smart control unit that I wish to change the temperature. At the moment, I’m thinking that this current smart control unit might be smarter than me, especially since I was a bit afraid of all the wires and directions.  However, I made a smart move, and I took a picture of the wiring behind the outdated temperature control unit, just before disabling it. Not only was I able to snap a pic of the outdated wiring, but I have also arranged to receive a $30.00 mail-in rebate from our utility corporation for installing a programmable thermostat. I am definitely feeling smart today!

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