Home air cooling device

I’ve always been stuck dealing with stinky, nasty situations. Actually, my first job was working on the city sanitation crew, I rode hanging off the back of a garbage truck to simply collect trash from everyone’s house in the morning.  I really enjoyed the high-activity aspect of that work, and many people took notice of my willing attitude. I wasn’t afraid to do the dirty work. I worked my way onto a post-disaster clean-up team that specializes in mold removal Our recent assignment was at a lake house where the a/c power had been cut, so the lake house was virtually a sauna.  Bad enough that the people I was with and I had to wear masks to avoid the chance that we may breathe in spores and/or other toxic air pollutant. I walked around the lake house and marked all areas that had excess mold, I noticed a ton of mold forming around on particular register in the study. I got closer with a flashlight, pulled the register cover off the wall and shined light in the duct, remember, I’m not disgusted easily – but what I saw in the duct almost made me sick. There was a huge dead rat, that had bloated and was festering with bugs, that explained why mold was forming so easily; this dead animal was blocking most of the airflow from the study and creating a terribly foul-smelling, heavily moist space in the air duct. I grabbed the other men on the crew and told them of our issue.   The guy who handles our pest control sighed as he grabbed for a biohazard bag.

a/c worker