Heating system with our company

  Have you ever been trying so intensely to get task done but been unable to because somehow the temperature in your office is so uncomfortable to concentrate? Well, this is my yearly struggle at my up-to-date task right now. I want to beginning off by saying that of course, I easily do adore my task & I believe I’m quite lucky to be employed in these trying times. However, I also think that occasionally you just have to vent about things that immediately bother you in the workplace. Now, for me, the largest complaint I have is the cold and rapidly decreasing temperatures in my office building. I sincerely believe that the control component is controlled by some other building all together, which means I should not complain to my building management. Still, I have done my best and tried to complain about the temperature of the HVAC to our national corporate office. That doesn’t seem to help much either. Even in the middle of the long Winter season it feels love the air conditioner is on full power, blasting through the air vents. I occasionally even put on a pair of gloves on my hands in order to stay moderate while still working. I believe in the next few months I am going to have to have a dire talk with my major supervisor about the heating & cooling idea in our office building. I don’t have to have to continually dress love I am going out in the arctic tundra every day when I go to work. For right now though, it looks like I am just going to have to put up with these HVAC complications.

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