Heating system running

I just had a baby a few months ago and I really didn’t realize… being a new mom is an intense challenge. I honestly thought I had everything under control before the arrival. I mean, I read the books, watched the videos, signed up for magazine subscriptions… what more is there to do? Well, somehow I still wasn’t quite prepared, it turns out. From the day she arrived home, any little thing sets her off. For months she’s been waking up all day and night, and nothing I tried worked. I was at a complete loss. My grandma came over the one afternoon while my girl was down for a nap. We got to talking in the kitchen until we heard her wake up and emit loud cries. Every one of us go back to the room to see what was wrong, and my grandmother notices for the first time that the crib was really close to an Heating & A/C vent. At that point it was Winter season, and the central heating plan was running. My mom said the warm air coming down on top of her might be waking her up. There was no way we could stop using the forced air furnace because it was less than 20 degrees outside, so after my mom’s visit, I did some research online. Soon I found an alternate heating system that wouldn’t blow hot air on my little girl. We spent the week at a hotel, and when we returned the house had been outfitted with radiant heated floors. Now she can sleep soundly through the night with ideal warmth. I thought when I had my baby that my life was complete; I never thought a heating plan would be necessary to change things for the better… Guess that’s irony for you.

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