Heating in the ice rink

For many years one of my favorite pastimes was ice skating. My family grew up in a cold climate. There was always a icy pond somewhere for us to skate on during the winter months. I also played ice hockey for a short time, but my real love was simply skating. That never modified. Every winter I go ice skating at least once a month. Last winter, however, I had a bad encounter. I had just finished a long day of skating. I came home to relax, but the furnace would not stop running once it got my house to a comfortable level. The air temperature was terrible! The hot air coursing through the ductwork was making my house seem like an oven. I tried to turned off the furnace by adjusting our thermostat. The furnace just would not stop. I had no other possibility but to call my friend who had a HVAC business. They answered to the first ring, which was a superb sign. The HVAC business was unusually slow that day. I would not have to  wait too long for an HVAC serviceman to come over. I was right! They sent an HVAC technician right over. He went right to the furnace and quickly found the challenge. The regulator that told the furnace when to stop running was broken. The HVAC technician had a new one in his truck and he soon had it installed. The temperature in the house soon returned to a comfortable level. The HVAC technician even took some time to show me some electrical power saving tips! I could possibly save enough money for some new skates.

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