Heating and the air quality

I live where my furnace is used for about eight months out of the year.  I need to make sure I cut the energy costs as much as I can, so I do a lot of annual checks.  I check the insulation for dampness and I also check to make sure the heat isn’t escape through any small spaces.  I have now changed every window in the house, and I have installed Energy Star windows.  There is new insulation in the crawlspaces, the attic, and even in the walls and ceilings.  This year we put insulation around the plumbing pipes.  In the fall, I wall caulk around the windows and replace weatherstripping around the doors.  Unfortunately, by creating such an airtight space, I have created a totally different problem for myself.  Because of the added heat of the furnace, and no air movement, the humidity is so low that the house is overly dry.  My skin cracks, and I use more chapstick than a skier.  Since dry air also is harder to heat, it means I need to keep my thermostat set higher in order to be comfortable.  Overly dry years also means more dust and dirt in the air, which can cause respiratory difficulties, sore throats, and itchy eyes.  I talked to the local HVAC company and they told me about a home humidification system.  It is steam humidity which is a natural way to put moisture back in the air, and it is able to humidify the entire house.  I have the ability to regulate the amount of humidity in my home,.  I am reducing wear on my furnace and my energy costs will go down.  My home is now not just warm, but it is healthier and more enjoyable to be in.                                                        

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