Heating and air decided by me

Working from home is enjoyable ninety percent of the time! It’s undoubtedly beneficial to have flexibility in my schedule, however I’m also well practiced at managing myself and my work. Some people have a hard time doing that, so working at home isn’t as productive for them. I’ve acquired the skill over the years and am glad I can work from home and be successful. Especially when it comes to pets and youngsters, having that extra flexibility in my schedule is a godsend! I would have great difficulty returning to a desk job. The only concern that I’ve encountered, that I would caution people to be aware of when looking into working from home, is that I get distracted anytime anything goes wrong with the house. For instance, I recently had to deal with a major heating and A/C crisis. Our house’s gas furnace had broken down, and the temperature outside was merely a few degrees above freezing. I knew we were going to have a problem. In the middle of my work day, I had to suspend what I was doing, pack up essentials for the kids and myself, and move to my mother’s house, all while on hold with the local heating and A/C contractor so I could request a time to have someone come out. In the meantime, I couldn’t work, couldn’t live in or use the home in any way because the temperature in there was inhospitable! It was a hectic couple of days while the HVAC system was being repaired. I was entirely glad when the HVAC workers gave me the all clear and all of us could move back in.

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