Heater out at the mall

Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving can be pretty brutal, especially if you don’t love immense crowds of people trying to bombard you trying to get to their black Friday sales!  The main reason I don’t love it is because I consistently get way too overheated.  So many people in these stores all the time, the air conditioner never seems to be able to catch up.  Those stores with black Friday sales must try & turn their control units way down in preparation for all those people.  However, I’d love to say that if they do entirely try to keep the temperature down, it easily isn’t entirely working.  There is just too much heat coming from those thousands of customers for any size A/C unit to be able to keep up with all of that.  I went into a smaller store looking for a couple of socks for some friends, when I walked in, I was blasted by a heat wave! I abruptly had to take off my overcoat to try & cool down.  One of the store workers mentioned to me that their cooling unit had broken just a few hours before they had opened, which is why it was so scalding hot.  They had a maintenance specialist in the back working tirelessly on it.  I was only in there for about 15 minutes when I felt an abrupt blast of frosty cold air streaming through the air ducts & out the vents.  Air conditioning had never felt so good! I felt terrible for all the customers who had left the store due to the lack of temperature control earlier in the evening though.

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