Heater on high

Travelling for the holidays is usually an exciting thing, but this year it was a absolute nightmare! My parents down south asked us to bring them an antique car they had bought in our area, and we agreed before thinking about what that might mean. The car drove well and had plenty of area inside and in the trunk, but it had no air conditioner or heating. When we stepped out of the house, the temperature outside that day was 30 degrees Fahrenheit. We ran inside the car as fast as we could and covered ourselves in blankets, but the first hour driving was terrible since we nearly froze. Then the sunlight came up and the car warmed, and as we moved further south, the temperature rose slowly. After several hours, we rolled the windows down and let the breeze in. We packed up the blankets and took off our blazers. After another hour, we started to sweat. The car felt appreciate an oven, and we were the turkeys. We had one more hour of driving to go when I drifted to sleep, and I dreamed of being in my parent’s cabin in the air conditioner. As the hours passed, I felt myself getting hotter and hotter. I was melting! I looked at the controls for the cooling system and pressed one. The fan turned on, but the only thing that came out was air hotter than the temperature in the car. finally, we arrived at my parent’s house. As soon as I stepped through the door and felt the air conditioner on my face, I felt immediate relief. We made a point to get a rental car with good a/c!

heater set up