Heater is not doing it

The outdoor temperatures are rather chilly for this time of year! I happen to live in an area of the country that is hot for most of the year. We are in the middle of November, and the temperatures are surprisingly quite low. We are often covered in sweat while putting up all of the outdoor Christmas decorations. This year, I had to put on a long pair of pants plus a hooded sweatshirt when I put up Santa on the roof. My friends and I have come to enjoy hanging out in the garage The door has been broken for quite some time, so we’ve converted it into a makeshift living room. There is a nice flat screen TV and quite a few video game consoles. It is a good place to hang out and listen to music, since the weather has become colder recently. We ended up having to go get the space heater from our camper. We ┬áhardly ever take the space heater out of the camping gear, especially this early in the year, however last night it was 42 degrees outside at midnight, and I just had to go grab it from the camper van. As soon as I cranked up the space heater, the area around our feet instantly warmed up. It wasn’t actually long until the area where we were sitting, was actually cozy. It was a really good idea to go fetch that space heater. We are going to leave it inside until Spring now, because the weather is starting to get colder every night.

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