Heat pump system in the office

I really needed to figure out a temperature control solution after I converted an exterior porch into a household office.  I decided against extending the home’s existing heating & cooling component because of the cost & space requirements.  I didn’t want to pay to extend the ductwork, deal with the immense mess, & sacrifice the large amount of space to it.  While I needed both heating & cooling power, I was hoping to find a single, compact & fairly inexpensive piece of equipment.  After a bit of research, I came across ductless heat pumps.  The heat pump is really a split system, which means there is an indoor & outdoor component which are connected by a conduit.  The components are compact, quiet, & fairly easy to install.  The indoor unit mounts high on an exterior wall & is controlled by a cordless remote.  With the touch of a button I am able to rotate between heating & cooling, & rapidly raise or lower the indoor temperature.  Despite its small size, the ductless heat pump is rather powerful & absolutely handles any challenge.  Because the heat pump features multi stage filtration, it effectively cleans the air, trapping contaminants such as dust, dander as well as pollen.  The unit is also programmable, which enables me to only run it as necessary & conserve energy.  I spent a bit more to purchase a ductless heat pump with inverter technology.  Inverter technology is the ability for the unit to automatically customize speed to the exact demand & only give the necessary amount of heating or cooling.  It tends to run a great deal longer on lower speed, which ensures more evenly distributed temperatures, lower sound levels, & much greater energy efficiency.  

geothermal heat pump