Heading to a new area of Colorado

I had to spend a few months in Aurora, Colorado, as a part of my job. It was my first time visiting Colorado, and now I am trying to get transferred to Aurora. It is one of the most appealing locations that I have ever visited, and there is no shortage of restaurants, bars, shopping centers, and fun activities. Not a lot of people know too much about Aurora, although it is the second largest city in Colorado, housing over 350,000 inhabitants. Aurora spans 154 square miles, and is only a few minutes away from the Denver International Airport. The city has a really great business community, which includes industries like healthcare, aerospace, defense, bioscience, transportation, and even renewable energy. The boom in business throughout Aurora stems from recent programs that encourage business growth, like the Aurora Advantage 4 Business. Not only did I love the thriving business community, but I also learned to love the warm, dry temperatures. There are over three hundred sunny afternoons each year in Aurora, which gives everyone who enjoys being outdoors a great advantage. Aurora is right at the base of the Rocky Mountains, and it has more than five thousand acres of hiking trails and open scenery. The city also holds six golf courses, almost a hundred neighborhood parks, two reservoirs, and over 450 different neighborhoods. Spending two months in Aurora was definitely not enough time to experience all that the city has to offer. Since leaving, I have been actively looking at real estate listings and talking with my boss about getting a permanent transfer!