He kept coming back for heating

Even though I am only 27, I can’t be around humans. It astounds me how everyone is complete unloving and believes themselves to be above every standard. However, beyond that they are so conniving, untrustworthy, and ungrateful. I’m growing really tired of people taking advantage of me. The least that they could do is say thank you afterwards. Just the other day, I went so far out of our way to aid a buddy that I hadn’t seen in a while, only for them to use the situation to insult me every single step of the process. It all started when I went out to get some fresh air! My buddy called me over and said that their Heating and Air Conditioning unit had caught fire during the night, and he asked if he could use our cell phone to call a professional Heating and Air Conditioning company because somehow his internet was also broken. I let him use our cell phone for a couple of hours. It seemed like it was taking a long time, and I decided that I needed to go to work. When I asked him to give me my phone, he started asking instead for a run to the grocery store so he could purchase firewood. Since he had no other way to heat his home until the HVAC technician visited, I decided to comply with his request. I informed my manager that I would be late, and we drove to the convenience store where he abruptly needed to borrow $15 to buy the fireplace fuel we came for. To make matters worse, he grumbled about my vehicle being too cold to ride in.

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