He controls the climate control

My Grandpa moved in with me and my wife last year, and it was not something either of us absolutely wanted to do, however it just seemed that we didn’t have many options in the matter.  However he had nowhere else to go, no where to stay, plus had spent much of his life financially taking care of our family when I was younger, so I felt it was the right thing to do. He’s a cranky old cuss, unquestionably set in his ways, but he was grateful. It took a lot of thinking and changing on all of our parts, one unquestionably big area of concern between him plus my spouse was the use of the Heating and A/C system, plus the settings on the control unit. We have a energy efficient and  fairly new Heating and  A/C unit in our house, plus it came with the zone control feature. With this, weI can remotely adjust the thermostat to weather conditions outside the house, plus program several rooms to be warmer or colder than other rooms! You would suppose this would automatically preclude any disagreements over the control  settings, right? Well, it wasn’t so simply, because the old guy would turn off the AC whenever we weren’t looking in a misguided attempt to save us a few bucks on our energy bills… That was his mentality, that the people in this family didn’t absolutely need to run the cooling as much as we do, plus our bills were too high. I had to inform him that he could control the air temperature in his room, however to leave the main Heating and A/C settings alone, because it didn’t belong to him.

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