Having some concerns with the HVAC

When I headed for my shower this morning, and I didn’t have hot water, I expected it was going to be a bad day.  My boss was angry when I called and said I was running a couple of minutes late, and I had to call the apartment supervisor to have him bring someone over to fix the hot water heater.  I was still apologizing to my boss, because I was now half an hour late, and then I walked into the meeting without my presentation. In my haste, I had left it on the kitchen counter in my apartment.  The people who were there were quite upset with me, because I tried to give the presentation, but I was already upset over the beginning of my day, and they began to walk out. The meeting was postponed until the following day so I could compose myself, and the boss was so angry he sent me home before he could fire me.  If this wasn’t enough, I walked into my apartment, and the men who were to fix my hot water heater, had ripped my HVAC apart instead. I tried to ask what was going on, but none of them spoke English, and I had to call the apartment manager. He showed up and promised me that my hot water heater, and the HVAC would be repaired and working in about an hour.  I went to my favorite diner across the street to order a sandwich, and they were closed because of a grease fire. I drove to McDonald’s, then returned to my apartment to eat a cold hamburger, drink a water downed coke, and hope that my HVAC and hot water were truly repaired.

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