Happy with our a/c system

My aunt decided to move down to the beach recently. We were all pretty surprised, since she is a city person. But, she said she is ready for some peace and quiet.  She said she had spent enough time in the snow and at this time in her life, it was time to enjoy the sunshine. All of us found her a small modern home not too far from us, but, far enough if you know what I mean.  And, soon she was settled and very cheerful for herself. One day not long after she called me to ask my advice and wanted me to come over and help her consider getting a modern cooling system installed. I knew that her new home did not have central air just several window units to cool the whole house as I helped her find it last year.  Over a cup of coffee at her entryway table, both of us talked about air conditioner units and the predicament. She wanted to switch to a central air system as the window units were a bit unsightly, while they made a lot of noise when operating as well. I told her that it was possible, but might cost quite a bit, so be ready. She just laughed only to say “Well you can’t take if with you when you die.”  I laughed plus agreed with the wisdom. I called a local Heating and Air Conditioning dealer so that they could come out to mom’s new to her home and explain a couple odd types of units! She picked out one right away that would do a good job cooling her small lake home. She loved that it would be certainly energy efficient. There had never been central air in her lake home so the upgrade by the Heating and Air Conditioning dealer took a couple days to install properly, as they had to install air ducts plus the compressor component outside to keep the air flowing.  The component attached right to her new gas furnace plus could be controlled by a modern temperature control box on her wall that would be easy for her to read and manage. On a certainly moderate day a few weeks later, I called my mother to see how she liked this new and improved modern air conditioning unit. She said it was wonderful to have in the heat. The modern home was all hers now and the temperature was so comfortable.

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