Gym needs a/c install

Six weeks ago, I decided to join a gym to get into better shape. I joined a yoga class, used all of the equipment, and I joined a spinning class.  I was able to wear shorts plus a tank top to the gym without feeling like I was going to freeze or be overly hot..  One afternoon last week, I was feeling absolutely restless so I decided I would squeeze in an extra workout in to help with my fidgeting.  When I arrived at the gym I felt hot when I walked it however I told myself that it was just because I had been outside in subzero cold temperatures.  I began using the stepper plus was getting up quite a sweat however I felt enjoy my endurance was down so I tried to go easier on myself.  I just felt enjoy I was overheating faster than I normally would.  Very quickly, I felt as if I couldn’t breathe because the gym had become so hot.  I went to purchase a bottle of ice water to help offset what I was feeling.  I ended up purchasing several bottles of water before I felt normal again.  Just as I had decided to get back to my work out, there was an announcement over the PA idea saying that due to an issue with the HVAC system, the owner was being forced to close down the gym for the safety of her customers.  I was absolutely impressed by the owner who was able to put the needs of her customers above her monetary gains.  She knew that with the HVAC broken and blowing heat out that it was unhealthy, so she decided  to take action by temporarily closing the gym.  

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