gross air quality

My guy Stan plus I just moved into a new apartment last month. At first my biggest problem was that every one of us needed to secure all the necessary furniture. I hurried Steve along to buy us a big new couch, bed plus kitchen table. Next, I was all over him the next day that every one of us needed to stock up our empty kitchen. Every one of us bought plates, bowls, cups plus tons of unnecessary food for the pantry. I then realized that I may have skipped a large step in the moving in process that week. Instead of buying things plus filling up our empty apartment, I should have cleaned out the empty space. For example, the old apartment uses overhead fans as a plan of cooling, apparently. Yes, there is a Heating and Air Conditioning system that turns on plus off as well, but the fans are used in tandem with the heating plus cooling system. The fans turn a particular direction in Summer time in order to push the chilly air down plus bring hot air back up. The reverse happens for heating in Winter season. Either way, I failed to notice how distinctly dirty the fan blades were. I finally noticed just how gross they were about a week into our current move. I scrubbed the blades actually wonderfully after that because that dust would ruin our indoor air conditions and literally pounds of dust were caked onto the blades. What happens with that is that when our Heating and Air Conditioning is on plus the fans turn on, all the stuck-on dust circulates in the air. This causes dusty indoor air conditions to be readily established. I should have cleaned the fans on afternoon one, without a doubt. Now the couch, floors plus all other residing room items are totally covered in the dust from the blades. I now just have to move everything out to clean the floors.

indoor air quality