Great a/c in the house

I realize that some people care about not bring in the warmer temperatures.  I mean, we are all odd, plus we all like something different every once in a while, but honestly, how can someone live in environments that are consistently chilly plus require you to wear layers of clothing to even stay relaxed outside. As soon as I was able, I moved out of my old house and came down south, plus my crazy ex-fiance who seemed to always be stalking, couldn’t follow me to the South. When I ask my old buddies how they manage to stay in that chilly temperature, they consistently just tell me that they enjoy to live near their comfortable furnaces inside their work plus beach cabin environments. But I enjoy being able to go outside plus be satisfied in nature plus water, and I can’t do that when I have to wear giant Wintertime jackets plus handle the snow for half of the year. I realize that furnaces can make the chilly temperature a little bit more enjoyable; however, I’d rather be able to get out each plus every day plus handle the boiling weather any day of the week. However, I have to use the air conditioner a lot more, but I like air conditioning better anyways. On top of the attractive views, it seems as though the nicer weather easily creates a friendlier environment. The entire town seems to be a lot more friendly. Maybe I just have a biased mind in that area.

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