Good heater for pottery making

My neighbor is a pottery guru, and it didn’t take her long to turn the entire neighborhood, into pottery converts.  She has a group that meets once a week.  Most of the ladies are older, and I swear some of them are still old hippies.  They are the sweetest bunch of people, and they are always there to give a hand and make you feel wonderful about what you are creating.  I do have one problem with the pottery class, and that is with the HVAC.  For some reason, the guru wants to run around in her short and tank top.  The rest of us are all dressed for the weather, and she will have the heating system on high, and comfortable in her attire.  I end up sweaty and miserable by the end of the class.  I understand how a kiln can create a lot of heat, and then you compound that with an extra ten to fifteen bodies.  Wouldn’t you think that you would turn down the heating and  not turn it up.  Maybe she could put on some heavier clothes, and it wouldn’t need to be so hot.  Maybe she could use a little air conditioning in there, while the kiln is running, or open the doors into the other rooms and let the heating system and kilns heat the entire room.  I may have to bring a personal air conditioner, or a fan the next time I show up.  I’ll talk to the other ladies, and see if they feel the same way, and we can all change the heating, together.

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