Going without any AC

Never again am I going to be dining at what used to be my favorite restaurant. Last time I went out, it was a date with a guy I met on the job. I had known him for a short time. He was smart, funny, and really talented. Needless for me to say, I was hoping that the date would go well. When he asked me out, he thought I should choose the restaurant, so I suggested the taco restaurant. I had been going there for a long time and it’s never let me down. When our date began, we were seated and we placed our orders. Immediately after that, we heard a loud booming noise caused by the HVAC system. The air stopped flowing through the vents and we knew that the air conditioner had stopped working. We figured it may take a while for the place to become too uncomfortable to be in but we were wrong. There were more and more people arriving there and the grills were so hot that the seating area instantly became humid and sticky. I started sweating onto the table and I was extremely embarrassed. I could tell that he was really put off from the situation. I mean, what kind of restaurant doesn’t maintain its HVAC system? It seemed evident that the restaurant manager had been negligent in not having an inspection done. When our meals finally arrived, we were in the stupor. It was too hot to talk and the air conditioner wasn’t about to be fixed anytime soon. We found ourselves getting our tacos to go and rescheduling the date. I don’t think this is going anywhere.

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