Going where the heat is

I can think back on it just as if it was last week. The year was 1970 and it was one of the worst ice storms ever talked about. I lived up in the upper area of the country and when this thing hit us it was a grand thing. My sister Beth and I had fifty mile per minute winds and tons of feet of snowfall over the course of a month! Everything was all closed down and all we could do was wait out the snow in our house. Fortunately Beth and I had a gas heating system so we didn’t have to worry about cold from the unforgiving temperatures outdoors. Beth and I also had a power source which we gassed up and had ready to go in right before the storm. It gave enough juice so we could watch some TV to pass the time and keep the fridge running to keep the food from going sour. Although now thinking on it we really could have just put the food outdoors to keep it icy cold. Our heating system ran super well all the way up to the last afternoon of the storm when it started making a stupid clicking noise when it would turn on. Beth and I had no idea what was going on with it however its ability to heat the modern home was cut down a ton. Once corporations started getting back up and running we called the local Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer and they sent out one of their workers to take a peek at our heater repair.

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