Glad the furnace is so tough

When I dealt with my husband having the flu, I thought that was the worst week ever.  Boy was I wrong. My mom came down with the virus and it has been much worse. She is in her late seventies and has always been in really good health.  This year’s flu virus is really tough and when she got sick, she went downhill fast. She says that she is freezing all the time and keeps the space furnace going all the time. I am really not thrilled with that because they can be dangerous if not placed right. When I checked on her two days ago I found that she also had the thermostat set at seventy five degrees. I contacted her doctor because I was concerned about the high temperature of the house with regards to her health. He told me to keep it cooler because of her age, and the fact that she is prone to pneumonia.  I had noticed that she was coughing a lot and wanted her to go in to be seen. I had been through a lot taking care of sick people and I was too tired to fight with her. I got her settled and headed in to take a nap. I heard her throwing things at the wall to get my attention, I got out of bed and checked on her. She said that she was too hot and wanted the temperature control turned down. I turned the temperature control down, then got her a cool cloth and a glass of water. At least if she was sweating and warm it meant that her fever had broken. I went back to bed.  An hour later, something hit the wall again. I put on a smile and walked into the room. She told me that she just wanted to tell me that he was feeling better. I told her that I was happy and then headed back to bed.