Glad my man can fix the HVAC

I am not the type of dude who jumps from relationship into the next relationship, however i would much rather be alone than be entangled with someone that I’m not 100% invested in, so I have spent more than a tolerable amount of our life single. I just have a handful of ideal characteristics in a potential partner that I was waiting for. For the first thing, I need a stable partner with a great head on her or his shoulders. I also wanted someone kind and generous… Surprisingly, 1 of the other things I also valued was a highly handy partner! I thought it would be so enjoyable to have someone around my home who was knowledgeable to fix our household appliances. Namely, I have constantly quested to have a significant other who is well versed in heating and cooling device servicing and ventilation plan repair. I suppose that sounds particular  and insane, but I’ve had so many various problems with our entire temperature control plan for our whole life. It feels like every 4 or 5 months at the most, I wake up and find out that our HVAC plan has crapped out on me. I have to spend hours figuring out the whole heating and cooling plan myself. Inevitably, I can’t figure out what I’m even doing and need to call in a professional ventilation expert to come resolve the issue; Then have to end up talking about hundreds or thousands of dollars in new model heating and cooling components and the labor for parts upgrade. All in all, it would just be so much simpler to have an amateur HVAC specialist in house, right? I’ll keep waiting for that ideal air temperature control technician to come along.

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