Glad I have decent HVAC

This past week was just the most awful on record for me in a long time. I woke up dreadfully ill, which is never a great thing to begin with.  But throw in that I had to get up and get to work on a college project I had been delaying for a big part of my grade and I am doomed. I was about halfway finished when my laptop froze, deleting all of the job I had done and making me have to start all over again. I would be laughing if I weren’t crying.  When I went to make myself some nourishment, I found my stomach wasn’t being cooperative in any way. I felt hungry for some reason, however I was too sick to eat anything without feeling more nauseous and gross. All I wanted was to crawl into bed at that point, curl up under my blankets, and blast the cooling unit forgetting this day happened. But I still had a college project to finish for my main grade. I did finish it, reluctantly, and had made sure to save it frequently when I was working on it to avoid another mishap with the work getting deleted again, thought I don’t think it was very good. When I was finished I was finally able to turn in to my plan to my teacher at the college. The Heating and Air Conditioning unit in my house has a remote control feature, which I greedily took in order to manage the temperature control to my liking as I lounged around in my bed and disregarded my roommates that day. My temperature was still fluctuating from the illness up an down, and I was dealing with both warm and freezing spells all day, and sporadically both at once even! With the remote in my hand, I didn’t have to get up to adjust the setting on my unit and could hide all night long in bed. I could turn it off and on, and change the temperature setting, with just the press of a button from bed, and switch it to heating as needed to make me feel better. After the stress of now working on my college project while sicker than you can believe, the convenience and comfort of my Heating and Air Conditioning unit was a welcome relief that helped me wind down and relax at the end of a difficult day. I just wanted to put it behind me.