Glad I got ductless ac

The best purchase that I have ever made was a ductless mini split. You see, I am going through menopause, which is horrible. My hot flashes are very powerful and random. I can’t even sleep with a blanket on due to my awful hot flashes. I used to get up during the night to take a shower because I was sweating so badly. I then invested in a cooling plan for my bedroom, and it was definitely the best purchase I’ve ever made. Frankly, the ductless mini split works wonders. So I turn on the AC right before I go to bed, making my room icy cold. I can have a couple sheets over me during the night, and what’s more wonderful is that I don’t sweat through them because I got a wireless temperature control with the ductless AC unit. When I think a hot flash is coming on, I just use that wireless remote to adjust the temperature. I can easily lower the temperature so that the AC unit turns on before my hot flash happens. I get very warm, but the AC helps me out quite a bit. Once my hot flash is over, I then use the remote to adjust the temperature up again. I can also turn the AC completely on or off with my wireless remote. Honestly, ductless AC units are not very much work. They consist of a wall mounted unit that you basically leave alone. I don’t need to mess with any sort of cooling service maintenance. Now I am thinking about putting ductless mini splits in more areas of my house. I do think it would be nice to have cooling power while watching a film in my bedroom, for example, or in the kitchen while I’m making dinner.

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