Getting great a/c in the treehouse

My dad is a partner with an architecture firm. His duties often revolve around giving insight to people who are trying to build anything from 2-story houses to hundred-story condos. He is incredibly talented at his work, to the point that his ideas are sought after here in the South. He tells me often that a lot of the building features his clients really like are pretty simple if you understand the science of a project. Anyway, I asked my Dad to help me build a treehouse before the Summer starts, and I hoped that would be doable. First,  we began the task of collecting the materials needed. A very important part was to make sure the tree in our backyard could bear the weight of a treehouse! Given how hot and humid  it gets here in the Summer, I asked my dad for suggestions on how to make the structure cooler. I had no idea he would take it seriously and he was entirely into helping with the construction! He offered two smart cooling tips. First was to construct an intake vent on the roof of the tree house, which would let any blowing winds in and push the warm air out of the treehouse. The other tip was to create a row of small vents in the walls near the roofline about a foot or two above the open windows. I thought it would be difficult to get that much airflow, until he explained how it works. With the stack effect, heat would rise to the ceiling and out of the vents near the roof and this would let cooler air flow in from the lower windows. It was pure genius! With these helpful suggestions, I set out to work with my dad to build my new treehouse. It took about a 30 days to construct and decorate the treehouse. I really love it! – I hardly ever see my dad any more!

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