Getting a way better heating system

I never like going to the dentist’s; I would rather have my teeth pulled than go to another appointment. I am generally a frigid person and I am typically deathly cold. The dentist’s office was the worst, because they kept their air conditioner so low all year long. They whine constantly about how they have to keep the air conditioner on to kill the germs. But I could never understand in this day and age how they couldn’t have figured out this problem. I was resting in the waiting room shivering in the cold, waiting for my turn, when they took me back to the exam room and I was surprised at first. I felt the air conditioner coming down from the ceiling air vents, however, there was something different this time around. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first. As I was changing clothes it hit me how sizzling the floor was when I stood there! Now I was honestly confused.  I wasn’t too cold even though I could still feel the air conditioner working. When the dentist came in she saw I looked baffled. I just looked at her and asked what was up. She laughed since she knew I always complained about the frigid air conditioner. She said that they had installed Radiant Floor Heat this past month. It was a modern type of heating installed into the base of the floors. It slowly heated a room as the heat rose up. This way there was heat for the patient plus air conditioner to kill the patient germs. It cost a lot more cash but it was so nice to experience!

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