Getting a job in HVAC

I’ve been working as an HVAC technician for over fifteen years. During that time, I had my son and daughter. I have been living a great life as i have made my living being the HVAC guy. I have TV commercials where I introduce myself as that HVAC Guy, and many people even call me that when I go to parties. They can’t remember my real name, but they could easily remember “The HVAC Guy. ” I guess that’s what makes it a good advertising gimmick. When I was still going to school to become an HVAC specialist, one of my professors told me to make sure to hire a marketing pro if I would one day open up an HVAC business of my own. He said that advertising that made people just want to hire an HVAC company was the 1st step in becoming successful. Step number 2, of course, is satisfying the customer once they hire you. When you’ve got good ads but then don’t work hard to back it up, they will tell everyone. Soon you’ll have no clientele at all. Which means, I really learned a lot while going to school to become an HVAC specialist. I not only learned about each of the HVAC repair and HVAC installment techniques, I also got helpful advice about how to run my own business. I am forever grateful to the teachers who taught me while in school to become an HVAC technician. They helped me so much and allowed me to be my own boss and live a fantastic life.