Getting a better heater for the house

The entire downstairs of our apartment is heated solely by a large gas fireplace.  The fireplace is very appealing, with a large hardwood mantle and hearth, faux logs, and a brick facade.  The heating plan is particularly rather simple to operate and can even be adjusted from a very convenient remote control that I have.  For the most part, every one of us are very pleased with the exact performance of the specific gas fireplace.  The two of us even really appreciate the looks of it, and the unit provides a very significant amount of heat.  The heating plan is quite energy efficient, safe and clean to operate.  The only real concern is that the heat is not very evenly distributed throughout the multiple rooms that we have.  It is legitimately just warmer and more comfortable in the family room here, where the fireplace is currently located.  Although the heating plan features a rather powerful fan that we have, the heat remains very concentrated near the fireplace.  I work from a rather small apartment office, located just off the family room, and it gets uncomfortably cold I would say.  Since I don’t even want to overheat the family room in order to overheat our office, I have certainly invested in several space heaters that we have.  The space heating systems run on much electricity and offer quite a bit of heat even.  They aren’t even the most attractive pieces of equipment either, but on some super cold days, I don’t really care.  I just want to keep very warm.  I have also just purchased a nice foot warmer, which also runs right on electricity.  The foot warmer is a very compact, portable oil furnace which I have placed right under our desk.  It gets super hot there, and I simply set our feet on it.  Between the space heating systems and foot warmer, I am comfortable while I work as well.