Getaway climate control

This year for our birthdays, my love and I decided to go to a fabulous bed and breakfast.  Everything seemed honestly romantic in addition to perfect, and the two of us could not have been happier.  That is until that first night.  All of us had just assumed that when it came time for everyone to retire for the night that the owners would naturally turn down the heat. Our room was so hot and stuffy that neither my husband nor I were able to sleep.  My hubby tried to open the windows so all of us could cool off our room, but the windows had been nailed shut.  All of us were so frustrated in addition to overheated by the way our first night was turning out.  How could the owners think that this was a good idea?  By the next morning, all of us were so sleepy from tossing in addition to turning all night as  a result of the high temperatures in our room.  We ended up checking into a local hotel the next day because we knew that we would not be able spend another night in that awful house.  I honestly like bed and breakfasts. I think they are a cute idea, but the owners genuinely need to take into consideration the comfort of their guests.  They should have a working Heating, Ventilation & A/C component with good climate control. Preferably each bed and breakfast should have zone control heating for each room so their guests are able to set the temperature for their own room, based on what they liked not what the owner likes.  

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