Geo HVAC system

My husband and I will soon have the money to begin building our own home.  I am anxious, but we want to have all of our plans in place, so we don’t have to worry about anything.  We want to have the exact size and placement of every room we want in the house. We also want to make sure we know what materials we want to use.  We don’t want to take the chance of ending up with inferior building materials, and find it necessary to remodel any time in the near future. My husband has few requirements.  He wants a large garage, with a work room, and a full basement. He also wants to have a master suite, and not just a bedroom. I want to have a large walk-in closet in our bedroom, extra closets throughout the house, and several bathrooms for the kids and our guests.  Our shared priority is in the HVAC system. Because of the severe weather we experience in this part of the country, we need to make sure our HVAc system is efficient, and able to control both the heating and cooling. We want it to be environmentally friendly, and clean running.  We thought about putting in a forced air system, but that would require the use of fossil fuel, which totally negates our environmentally friendly requirement. We did a lot of research and we read about a geothermal heat pump system. The only downfall of a geothermal heat pump is its initial expense.  It needs no added fuel to keep it running, and it is excellent in its production of heating and air conditioning. It is quiet and environmentally friendly, plus it is very efficient, energy wise.

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