Frozen without a good heater

Last week I had quite an experience. I was getting ready to start cooking dinner by washing a package of chicken in the sink. But as had happened in the past, when I turned on the water, nothing came out.  I instantly knew what it meant and what I was going to have go through. The water pipes had frozen yet again in this unusually frigid winter. It had been so cold that we kept facing the same issue. Since I was the one that had to deal with it, I had purchased a powerful space heater to thaw out the pipes. I grabbed the heater, went outside in the freezing cold, crawled under the house, and began to put the heater in place. I was thinking how glad I was to have purchased the spare source of heat while I shivered. After I had the space heater in place, I plugged it into the extension cord that was plugged into our exterior wall socket. But when I turned in on, I was completely shocked that it wasn’t producing any heat!  I couldn’t believe this was happening, but I had to come up with plan ‘B’, which was to go back inside and grab my hair dryer. After going back outside in the frigid air and brutal wind, I crawled back under the house, turned on the blow dryer, and eventually thawed out our pipes.  The whole time I am pretty sure our next door neighbor was having a good laugh at the sight of me crawling under the house with a hair dryer.

heating unit