Forgotten cooling filter

I truly suck at air filter repair. I know how important it is to maintain an air filter, although I still don’t bother to take the time to change it when I am supposed to. When I finally remember and have a moment, the air filter always looks legitimately dirty as well as covered in dust! A few weeks ago, I bought an entire box of air filters. I was determined to be better in Heating as well as A/C repair. I was going to try legitimately hard to remember to change the air filter every four weeks. I bought a special calendar for the Heating as well as A/C system. Then, I taped it right on the outside of the Heating and A/C system. I knew this sign would be a reminder to change the air filter. I assumed it would be just what I needed. Since I hardly ever go into the garage, though, the sign didn’t work for me at all. When I finally remember that I need to change the air filter again, it was 4 entire months after the last time that I had changed it. I did not know that I had been so forgetful, especially after trying to be so determined. I decided to set an alarm on my iPhone calendar, as well as remind myself every 30 days to maintenance the HVAC. I wrote HVAC filter in huge letters on the remember. I chose the most horribly loud ringtone on the iPhone, so that I can be reminded that it is air filter repair time. This week, when the chime went off, I immediately remembered to get up to change the air filter. As long as this loud alarm goes off, I think from now on I will remember.

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