Forgot to call for HVAC

My wife and I decided to go out to eat the other day. We were both a little wound up after what recently occurred in our home. Our HVAC equipment basically overheated to the point where we will need to purchase a whole new set of HVAC components. My wife was trying very hard not to say she told me so, but she had been warning me continuously that our HVAC system needed proper servicing. I decided to take the do it yourself route instead and invited some friends over to help me out. It turned out to be more of a hangout session seeing as we spent most of our time focused on beer and a football game. I now regret not calling our HVAC provider for professional maintenance, but at the time it felt like we simply couldn’t spare the cash. Now, however, we have to spend even more money to replace the entire system. It had me feeling terrible and anxious already, so I just wanted to have a nice meal with my wife before really having to think about it. Of course, she started asking all kinds of questions like if I had called the HVAC company. After telling her I would get around to it, she went on to say that we couldn’t wait forever. I knew this, as winter was almost here and having no heat at that time could make for a very uncomfortable cold season. Talking about it was making things worse, so I begged her to just let it go for the moment so we could enjoy a nice meal together. She obeyed for the time being but was right back on my case after dinner. I know she won’t let it go completely until the HVAC system is actually replaced.