Forgot my heating appointment

I have always enjoyed the chilly weather. I live right on the water, and while some people think this makes things colder, it is the opposite. Unless there is a lot of wind, the water actually keeps the temperature around these parts pretty mild. Well for the first time in recorded town history, we had a cold front creep in overnight. We woke up to sub-zero temperatures. I’m surprised the ocean itself didn’t just freeze right over! I couldn’t believe it, but I actually had to go turn on the furnace for the first time ever. Of course, as I should have known, it didn’t work at all. After years of never being used, the neglect had taken a toll on the entire system. It was totally ruined. Looking back I think I should have tested out the heating program before I purchased the house, however it just did not occur to me. So I stood there in the coldest weather I’d ever experienced, with no heat. Surely my pipes would freeze, too! My house had a fireplace in it, however, I’d never needed to cut firewood. Not that firewood would even help since the fireplace is full of old kitchen supplies and what have you. Instead of worrying about it, I turned on the heating system in my vehicle and headed to work, hoping in a few minutes I would go back to not needing the gas furnace any more.