Flowers need a/c and heating

My mom is a rather impatient person when it comes to waiting for Springtime.  She is an avid gardener and is chomping at the bit every single year to put in her vegetables and witness her flowers bloom.  She even starts seeds for the garden well before the threat of frost is finally gone. She used to carefully put them on carts that she could roll outside if it was sunny enough and put in the shed so they could be protected when it was going to drop into the mid 30’s.  We used to worry about her doing this often because she is 68 years old and it can be very hard on her to do that much labor each day. We decided that for her anniversary last year, my siblings and I, would give her a greenhouse. They are genuinely quite a bargain and can be put together something like a small shed.  We ordered a kit and put down cinder blocks as a foundation. The enclosure measures twelve by twelve feet and has shelving along both sides. Mom adores it! She can now grow all kinds of elegant flowers and vegetables long before the season even begins. The radiant warmth of the daylight is good enough to make it feel like Spring.  She sometimes can rest out there in a nice chair and just admire the flowers even though it is a bit frosty outside. If she were much younger and wanted to garden on a larger scale, we would have added on to the household and installed some sort of Heating, Ventilation, and A/C equipment in the greenhouse. That definitely would have allowed her to produce more vegetables and flowers than she needed anyway.  

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