Fixing my own a.c was a mistake

I always make the same mistake, trying to maintenance something when I shouldn’t, and then I make everything worse! My child had a problem with her tablet, for example, but the special electronic pen it came with was not working! I assumed the problem was that it needed batteries, so I tried to unscrew the end and replace them. It was stuck, so I twisted harder and harder until it finally came off. Only then did I realize it needed a charger and a USB port, and didn’t use batteries, so I just broke the thing open for nothing. That’s a true story! And because I am a dummy who doesn’t learn lessons, I went on to damage our HVAC system that same week! Why did I try to maintenance our own a/c? Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time, because I thought the thermostat just needed a little tweaking. My tweaking can be a little destructive, though, so our thermostat quite simply ended up in several pieces on the hallway floor. After that the heating kicked on and simply would not turn off no matter what. My wife told me to go turn off the power to the gas furnace, however at that point I was feeling gun shy. After all, I had smashed the thermostat. However, if I tried to turn the power off to shut down the gas furnace, I might inflict even worse damage. All I can do now is hope the HVAC repair specialist arrives on time to help us out.

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