Fall Weather HVAC Break

           Fall was finally here, however briefly it may last. Me and my family live in the hotter, southern part of the nation. Fall, therefore, doesn’t last too long in this neck of the woods. It is nice while it lasts though. Last week dipped down into the 60’s at night, so we didn’t even have to use our air conditioner for a while! It was so amazing to take a break from the HVAC system and get some good, old fashioned fresh air in our lungs.

            While using an HVAC system to keep your home nice and comfortable can be great, nothing can compare to cleaning out your home’s atmosphere with , natural air. My folks and I whipped open all of our windows to allow nature’s cooling system to brighten up our lives for a while. I wished it would last. Unfortunately, soon we would be needing to use the furnace. While we live in a hot area of the country, it does get cold at night during the winter. So, we need to use the furnace for about 2 months out of the year in order to keep our home warm at night.

            In the meantime, we would enjoy the more moderate temperatures of the brief autumn season, and give our HVAC system a much needed break from usage. I was hoping that the winter would come a little later than usual. Last winter was actually pretty cold for this area. We had to use our furnace for 3 months instead of the usual 2 months. We’ll just have to see!

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