Failure of an air conditioner

After living my entire life in the Northeast, I was provided a dream job in the South.  I was quick to say yes to the offer before even thinking about how my life would be totally different.  I might never shovel snow again. Or I might roast to death in the sun similar to a BBQ pig. Either way it would be an adventure so I packed up my things plus moved south.  I was able to buy a small lake household about 15 minutes from my new office. It didn’t take all that long to settle in plus soon I was seriously loving the sizzling weather, driving with the windows down plus it was February.  This was phenomenal! Everything was superb until I made it into the summertime months. The heat was rather oppressive. It was heavy plus thick plus almost impossible to breathe in because it was so humid. I had worked late a single night only to arrive back to the lake household to a very sizzling household.  My cooling device had failed plus my lake household was warmer inside than out. I attempted to call a local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C company however is was during the after hours. I did leave a message with their answering service who stated they would call me back during the day. It was the longest, hottest, sweatiest night of my entire life.  I had a small box fan however it only moved the humid air around the household. I even tried taking an icy bath to cool down. That worked however not for all that long. The air conditioner repair company called me back early the next day plus promised to send a repair woman out promptly. In a short amount of time the repair woman arrived plus the air conditioner device was back plus working.  I hoped to never have to suffer through another sizzling night like that ever again.

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