Explaining a smart thermostat

The worst job in the world is explaining technology to aged people. I have no clue how this happened but lately my Grandpa has decided I am his tech guy. I am the man who can fix any PC, set up any laptop and do anything technology based. But I am good when it comes to iPad based items, however I am definitely no way an expert. But for some strange reason, you can’t tell my Grandpa any different, he simply won’t agree. Anytime my grandfather gets some new gadget, I have to set it up and try to explain it to him step by step. Just like when my Grandpa got his smart temperature control, I was half tempted to hire some local children to teach him. That was the longest lesson I’ve ever went through. So first I had to set up the temperature control with his Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. The smart temperature control luckily works the heating and cooling method through a smart cellphone, so next I had to download the app on my Grandpa’s cellphone. I then set a specific temperature control program for him. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C method is already on a heating and cooling program. It heats or cools differently based on the times of morning. The Heating and A/C turns off when Grandpa leaves and comes on when it senses he is home. I also got the phone app to text him if the machine needs air filter changes or if there are problems with his indoor air pollen or dust levels. So everything is basically automated. If my Grandpa needs to change a temperature, he can do it directly from his cellphone. It’s almost everyday my Grandpa somehow manages to cancel that climate control program or set the temperature control to an unwise temperature.