Exercising in the AC

I have been in a regular workout routine now for about eight weeks. I have never stuck to an exercise program for this amount of time. Typically, I start working out and then give up after a couple of weeks. When I realized that my health was at risk because of my lack of exercise, I decided to make my workout regime a priority. The first thing I did was invest in an exercise bike as well as a yoga mat. I set them up in my spare bedroom so that I would have a dedicated area to work out. I positioned the bike directly beneath an air vent so that I would have cool air blowing on me throughout the workout. ¬†This was a great strategy because I am now much more motivated to workout for longer periods of time. ¬†Knowing that I do not have to sweat profusely while working to stay fit is an encouraging factor. I don’t believe exercising is nearly as awful if it can be completed in an air-conditioned location. If I had to go running outside or I did not have a dependable air conditioner, I would not be as dedicated as I am now. It’s a challenge to get motivated when exercise has to be handled outdoors. To make things even more difficult, I live in a severe weather region, so there is not a lot of mild weather available. The humidity is extreme, and the temperatures are typically high. I am so grateful to have an exercise room that is temperature controlled. This is beneficial for my health and well-being, and it also helps me to stay motivated.

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