Energy efficiency is the goal

In 1976, Stephen Stills released the infamous song ‘Love the One You’re With’. It became his number a single hit single & reached the number fourteen position on Billboard Hot 100. The title is obvious: meaning take care of what you have and it will last. However, this applies to far more than just relationships. It can be appliances too–like your HVAC ! Not only is the cost of the plan hefty, its updatement and repairs can take a bite out of your budget as well. That’s why every HVAC specialist will tell you to really take care of your system because in the end, they will last for decades. By simply changing the air filters constantly, your oil furnace will run at top efficiency. Any type of humidity can cause rust to your HVAC system. By running a dehumidifier, both you and your oil furnace can be ecstatic and healthy… Your air conditioning system coil cares about to be cleaned, or else it can get jammed, leading to leaked condensation on your oil furnace. So make sure everything is clean and running completely smoothly. Lastly, your furnace needs a checkup every once in a while. Be sure to schedule an annual service appointment with an Heating & Air Conditioning professional, he’ll test for any carbon monoxide leaks and make any necessary settings adjustments. So I promise, if you love your furnace, it will love you back tenfold!

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