energy efficiency is important

A lot of people are going green now with everything they do. You can ride a bike to work or walk rather than drive. You also can recycle just about everything to save our environment. Now there is even heating and cooling equipment that is better for your environment. More and more houses now are depending on solar panel energy for their heating needs. They rely on the sunshine to then get absorbed into the panels. This then in turn heats their home. Of course, this only would work in moderate to hot climates. A heat pump system is another energy efficient HVAC system that is the same way. You can be green and efficient with a heat pump, as long as your temperatures don’t drop below forty degrees. The heat pump is so efficient since it uses the heat energy already around you. It either pumps in heated air for your home or pumps it out. That is the heating and then the cooling function. It is one system that can do both jobs. It sounds super efficient and like a dream come true. How great, it uses the sun and air  that is outdoors. But what about people up north in the cold? We can’t use solar panels or heat pump systems. Also bike riding or walking to work can only happen for about one month. So sorry everyone, I will not be going green with anything. I am going to use my gas furnace to my heart’s content and drive a toasty warm vehicle to work everyday.

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