Eating out/heating and air

The other day was an interesting experience. My family and I went to one of those all you can eat places and got more than we bargained for. They have a lot of honestly great food there, and you can even eat as many shrimp as you want! You would think the quality would be compromised, but they are really good. After being there for a little while, they made an announcement that the HVAC system had broken down. For those of us in the restaurant, we could finish our meals, but, they would be closing after that to make the repairs.  Apparently, Health Code Laws prohibit the work being done while there are customers in the building. They to those of us who were still eating, we could either stick around for another 30 minutes or we could get to go boxes and fill up a whole box for each person. Usually they don’t do the food to go thing, but in this case, they wanted things to be fair for all their patrons. Some people decided to stick around for a while. We decided to pick out food for our to go boxes. I made sure to grab a lot of shrimp, some chicken, and a few other things. My youngsters mostly just wanted pizza, french fries, and sweets. The outside temps were reaching 90 degrees so I know they really wanted us out as quickly as possible so they could get started with the repairs. We got some drinks and headed out. We had already eaten enough to be full so our boxes would be great for dinner time! It actually turned out to be kind of nice that the HVAC system had malfunctioned. As we were leaving, we saw the HVAC companies van pull up. I knew they were desperate to get their system running again in time for dinner!

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