Dying without any cooling on me

I guess that I must have an anxiety disorder, because seriously everything makes myself and others so freaked out. I can’t even hardly manage to get through my work morning without crippling anxiety that makes it almost impossible to focus. I have a lot of trouble driving because I get too nervous. I also hate being in large sized crowds due to my overwhelming social anxiety. That’s why traveling is always so tough for myself and others personally. The whole ordeal is stressful as well as can bring myself and others to my knees. I’ve never had any worse experiences, though, before last week. I needed to get up north near my hometown to address a few ongoing complications with my friends, as well as somehow the airport became a personal hell for me. It first started when I first walked in as well as realized it seemed a bit too sizzling inside. I figured that I would get used to the increased indoor temperature, but as time went on I really felt less comfortable. It seemed appreciate the temperature was climbing as I stood in line waiting for the security check. By the time I was halfway through the winding line, it must have been at least 86 degrees inside. There was no ventilation to speak of. The air felt completely stagnant as well as many people were starting to get nervous. The heat as well as humidity of all the people’s sweaty bodies all packed together in line only made the situation worse. I could recognize myself dripping with perspiration profusely the whole time, not only from the overwhelming heat, but also from the acute social anxiety. By the time I made it through as well as got on the flight I had taken about 3 xanax.

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